Walnut from Köhler’s Medicinal Plants / Juglans regia

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This botany illustration of Juglans regia from from Köhlers Medicinal Plants, or Köhlers Medizinal Pflanzen in its original language, is also known as the European or Persian Walnut. This deciduous tree can reach up to 30m in height and produce awe-inspiring foliage. Its leaves are a deep green on one side, with varying shade of silvery grey on the reverse – adding wonderful depth to any landscape. The pinnate structure also presents a visually pleasing pattern. As for its fruit, oblong shape nuts form each autumn and encapsulate an unmistakable flavour that has been used by chefs all over the world in baking and meats dishes alike. Plus, their strong wood is perfect for crafting furniture, crafts and even instruments! They also provide some ecological benefits like improved soil fertility and attractive nesting opportunities — great news for wildlife enthusiasts. So if you’re looking for a tree that adds beauty, sustenance and song to your yard or garden, go ahead and give Juglans regia a try!