Tobacco from Köhler’s Medicinal Plants / Nicotiana tabacum

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A version of the depiction of the old beautiful tobacco plant illustration from Köhler’s Medicinal Plants, 1887.

Nicotiana tabacum, commonly known as tobacco, is a plant belonging to the nightshade family and is typically grown in warm climates. It was first used by native Americans for religious ceremonies and medicinal purposes but colonization quickly spread its use as a recreational drug. It’s important to note that while smoking or chewing the leaves can be harmful to your health, there are many different ways in which tobacco can still be used safely and beneficially, such as providing natural pest control when used as an organic pesticide. Furthermore, Nicotiana tabacum has been historically valuable in many societies around the world due to it’s use as an ornamental plant or even a cash crop; proving just how full of potential this interesting plant really is.