Cannabis from Köhler’s Medicinal Plants / Cannabis sativa

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Reclipa of the Cannabis sativa illustration from Köhler’s Medicinal Plants (1887), or Köhlers Medizinal Pflanzen as it is called in its original language, is a stunning example of botanical art.
Cannabis sativa is an annual herb that’s been used for a variety of purposes for centuries. The plant has a long, sturdy stem and drooping leaflets with serrated edges. It grows best in warm climates, and can reach between two to five feet tall when mature. Cannabis sativa contains numerous active compounds, including delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is known to produce the intoxicating effects often associated with cannabis use. In recent years, the plant has become popular in various industries due to its growing potential as a source of medicine and other commercial products like hemp fibers. Although medical marijuana is still surrounded by some controversy, it’s thought to have considerable health benefits and could help treat conditions like chronic pain, epilepsy seizures, cancer symptoms, etc. Given its many properties, it’s no surprise that cannabis sativa continues to be popular today!