30 remarkable drawings of fish from Ceylon – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

5,99 $

Do you love marine / maritime interior design, and would you love to have some beautiful illustrations of fish on the walls, maybe even tropical fish posters? Then here is a collection of 30 beautiful and high quality drawings of exotic fish from the waters around Ceylon. Very good for posters and other DIY projects.

All images in this collection is scaled to 6500 x 4800 pixel.

Note: most of the illustrations can also be acquired in larger sizes and higher quality by purchasing them individually. Furthermore, with a single image order, it’s possible to purchase background whitening and other custom requests.

List of fish in collection:
Abudefduf vaigiensis – Indo-Pacific sergeant
Acanthurus lineatus – blue banded surgeonfish
Acanthurus triostegus – convict tang
Amphiprion clarkii
Caranx heberi – blacktip trevally
Chaetodon vagabundus – vagabond butterflyfish
Chrysiptera brownriggii – surge damselfish
Coris aygula – Clown coris
Coris formosa – queen coris
Dascyllus aruanus – whitetail dascyllus
Epinephelus flavocaeruleus – blue-and-yellow grouper
Gomphosus caeruleus – green birdmouth wrasse
Gomphosus varius – bird wrasse
Halichoeres hortulanus – Checkerboard wrasse
Hemigymnus fasciatus – Barred thicklip
Kuhlia mugil – barred flagtail
Neoniphon argenteus – clearfin squirrelfish
Paracirrhites forsteri – Blackside hawkfish
Platax orbicularis – orbicular batfish
Plectorhinchus vittatus – Indian Ocean oriental sweetlips
Pterois miles – common lionfish
Pterois volitans – red lionfish
Rhinecanthus aculeatus – lagoon triggerfish
Sargocentron rubrum – redcoat
Scarus ghobban – blue-barred parrotfish
Scatophagus argus – spotted scat
Takifugu ocellatus – ocellated puffer
Thalassoma hardwicke – Sixbar wrasse
Thalassoma purpureum – Surge wrasse
Triacanthus biaculeatus – Short-nosed tripod fish
Note: the correctness of the list is guiding, and is not guaranteed.